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You’ve bought your favourite premium and sophisticated leather accessories to elevate your driving experience. They’re the kind of accessories that you want to pass on, but do you remember that leather is just skin and who wants dry, cracked, stretched or old looking skin? Leather needs proper care to stay young, healthy and well, age gracefully. Extend the life of your leather from the time they are crafted to when they arrive in your arms by taking proper care of your products. Love them, and they’re love you back.

Everyday care for leather may sound overwhelming, but it’s basic commitment. Here are a few things to do

  • Use a soft cloth or brush to wipe off dust and spots right away - don’t wait.

  • Avoid keeping on sharp surfaces, chunky jewellery an embellished or rough surfaces.

  • Monsoon isn’t you accessories’ best friend, but don’t dampen your spirits. Just keep away from moisture. Use leather wax to make them waterproof

  • Do not iron your leather goods

  • Gentle creams and conditioners can go a long way in maintaining the health of your leather accessories.

  • Never store leather products in sunlight and keep them away from artificial sources of heat. Heat can lead to scratches.

Here are some product specific care that you can count us on and we have conjured for you.


While it’s tempting to come back home and throw that wallet in a dump of other things, it will be something to regret. Choose the size you really need to avoid stretching the leather skin. Make sure to cover it if you’re not using in the dust bag that came along with it.


Don’t expose your gloves to snow or rain. If done, put them away to dry naturally away from sunlight and artificial heat.gently wipe with soft brush or cloth. Soap flakes and hot water solution if its too dirty. Use sponge to clean after wearing it on your own hands. Leave it and let it cool in a dry place. Put them on time to time to maintain their shape.


Identify the correct fit for you to avoid stretching the skin and support their longevity and maintain their original shape. Rolling them up may be a common practice but it’s not ideal for maintenance

All in all, the monsoon season is definitely a tough one for leather, but following these you can flaunt your products and make sure they last longer. Always invest in good quality leather that focusses on craftsmanship. We at Raiz are proud of the genuinely and quality of leather goods we produce.


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