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RAIZ is a new, top-end leather apparel and goods brand based in India.

Raiz is an Indian leather clothing and apparel brand founded in January, 2021. Before that we spent over a year on researching and developing our products. Our craftsmanship and products are inspired from Italian and British Fashion. Our revolutionary product is the leather driving gloves which is made for the motor loving flaneur. On our primary research we found out that there are very few enterprises who are developing or thinking about the comfortable and luxury of driving a car. So we came up with the idea of perforated leather driving gloves, which not only adds glamour to your journey but also makes it comfortable and easy. We strive to bring cutting-edge products to the market and we have a fiercely independent streak towards product development. It takes time. Our aspiration is to be the best leather goods company. So, we love to continously improve our products, fail in the process, learn and create better products.

Image by laura adai


We work with famous and trusted tanneries from Kolkata to produce goods made from finest quality of leather. Our products have an excellent finesse.


We believe that craftsmanship is an art that incorporates a sense of ethic, individuality and classic elegance. Our methods draw on the hand and eye of the true and well informed craftsman. Our studios combine craftsmanship and high-tech equipments. On the production line our team are constantly monitoring the goods to ensure our quality.

For us, simply selling products has never been enough. We are passionate and take the time and effort to ensure top quality production. With our extensive experience and our priority being customer satisfaction, be rest assured your needs will always be met here.

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